A Couch or The Cross

Andrew Smellie

We Shall Overcome

Ighodaro Odighizuwa

Spiritual Ambition

Bolaji Akinfenwa

Walking With God

Yomi Bello

Turning The World Upside Down

Andrew Smellie

Rebuilding The Standard

Andrew Smellie

Desperate to Please God

Andrew Smellie

Evangelizing All Nations in This Generation

Yomi Bello

Building a Great Church Part II

Andrew Smellie

Building A Great Church Part I

Andrew Smellie

Jesus' Birth: Revealing God to the World

Andrew Smellie

The Pursuit of Greatness

Andrew Smellie

God's New Year Resolution

Ighodaro Odighizuwa

Redemption Song

Ighodaro Odighizuwa

Battle for the Ages

Ighodaro Odighizuwa

Heroes of This Generation

Ighodaro Odighizuwa

Weakness to Strength

Ighodaro Odighizuwa

Rekindle the Flame

Ighodaro Odighizuwa

Strangers and Alien

Ighodaro Odighizuwa

It Comes To Down To You

Ighodaro Odighizuwa

Rebuilding the Walls of Christianity

Ighodaro Odighizuwa

The Test of God

Ighodaro Odighizuwa



Join us as Dr. Andrew Smellie takes us through a Biblical study on the amazing book of Exodus. Here, modern-day disciples (or Christians) can find parallels and spiritual principles from the early-day Israelites who traveled in the wilderness, after deliverance from Egypt, in search for the Promised Land.


Part I

Exodus: The Movement of God's People

Part II

The Lord Raises Up a Deliverer

Part III

The Lord Reveals Himself to Man

Part IV

The Lord Declares War



In this series, Dr. Andrew Smellie takes us through the amazing book of Genesis! Here, we discover God's heart during the creation of the world, and his intentions for a perfect, godly humanity which fell short to the deception of Satan, eventually to be redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ! As we journey through Genesis, we will understand the heart we need for God's perfect love, the Bible, and each other.

Part I

The Voice of Creation

Part II

Would You Be Satisfied With Paradise?

Part III

The Way of Cain

Part IV

Chosen To Build The Ark

Part V

The Tower of Pride

Part VI

The Faith of Abraham

Part VII

The Faith to Wait


Laughing at The Impossible

Part IX

The Choice of Compromise

Part X

Tested and Approved

Part XI

Discerning The Will of God

Part XII

Don't Forfeit Your Future


Never Alone

Part XIV

What You Won't Do, Do For Love

Part XV

What You Won't Do For Love

Part XVI

The Secrets of Contentment


Wrestling With God


Flourishing in the Face of Famine


The History of the Movements

Kip McKean

A Great Light Has Dawned

Andrew Smellie

AMC Men’s Session

Men of Africa

AMC Women’s Session

Women of Africa