Join us as Dr. Andrew Smellie takes us through a Biblical study on the amazing book of Exodus. Here, modern-day disciples (or Christians) can find parallels and spiritual principles from the early-day Israelites who traveled in the wilderness, after deliverance from Egypt, in search for the Promised Land.


Part I

Exodus: The Movement of God's People

Part II

The Lord Raises Up a Deliverer

Part III

The Lord Reveals Himself to Man

Part IV

The Lord Declares War

Part V

The Lord Redeems His People at Passover

Part VI

The Lord's Way Leads to Rejoicing

Part VII

The Lord Provides Life Lessons in the Desert


The Lord's Plan to Relieve Our Burdens

Part IX

The Lord Calls to His People From the Mountain

Part X

The Lord Gives The Ten Commandments

Part XI

The Lord Dwells with His People

Part XII

The Lord Disciplines His People For Great Sin


The Lord Displays the Glory of His Presence